Your Perfect Partner for Your New View on Life

Dave Cargo

Buying a new home can be a source of anxiety, frustration and stress -- yet also a huge sense of accomplishment at the same time. You didn't pick the house that was best for someone else, you picked the house that's right for you! The same principle applies to selecting a mortgage loan.

Trust our personal recommendation, Larry Stearn with PRIMARY RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE, determine the loan that fits your needs. "Less paperwork and more personal attention" means you enter a frustration-free zone from application to decision. Getting the right mortgage loan is like getting the keys to your new house and Larry can help you get there.

Larry will also  treat you with the respect due a valued customer of the Dave Cargo Group. He understands the importance of making a commitment to buy a new home so he makes a commitment to you. He will help you apply, qualify, and be approved for the mortgage loan that fits your needs.

Be sure to tell Dave Cargo that you want his personal recommendation for a professional Mortgage Banker, Larry Stearn, to give you a call and simplify the home buying experience.  

How do you determine the loan that fits your needs?